2020 – New Name and New Novel!

Hi and thanks for stopping by!

This is a new monthly blog I am writing to keep in touch with my readers.

I’m a crime writer, or more specifically, my genre is ‘domestic thrillers.’  From a young age, I’ve been intrigued by the psychology of human relationships and the darkness that can exist in them, particularly supposedly ‘close’ relationships.

I am inspired by writers such as Gillian Flynn and Dorothy Koomson.  In fact, Dorothy Koomson went to the same university as me, Leeds Trinity, where I did my MA in Creative Writing.

This first blog post is to say hello to you  - feel free to post in the comments section below to introduce yourself back to me.

                          I can't wait for 2020!

This is my Author Promise to You, The Reader

  • Any messages or social media comments you send to me will be acknowledged.
  • My books will have ‘an edge’ but not be overly graphic.
  • You can be involved with the final editing stages of my novels if you want to be by joining my advance reader team.
  • The stories I give you will be accessible and page-turning.
  • I will give you value for money.
  • I will keep you posted with news and new releases and offer free copies and special offers where I can.
  • My books will be available as e-books, audio books and paperbacks.
  • I will keep the stories coming – I have three novels due out in 2020 (March, July and November) and the same again in 2021.
  • I will show my appreciation for any reviews and feedback of my work.
  • You, the reader will always be the most important person to me.

Here’s a sneak preview of my new book cover (designed by Darran Holmes)  If you click on it, you will be taken to the publisher’s landing page for more information.  It will be available for pre-order in the new year, which I’m very excited about.

The Last Cuckoo

If you would like to be notified of updates, please click here to be added to my readers ‘keep in touch’ list.  (This will take you to the pop up form on my publisher's website and will open in a new window.)  I will then send you a free short story collection ‘How to Get Away with Murder,’ and I will be able to inform you first about exciting new books I’m releasing and other cool stuff.

Once again, thank you for your interest in my writing.  We writers are nothing without you readers and I very much look forward to giving you many hours of reading enjoyment over the coming years.

With very best wishes, Maria

PS My name is currently Stephenson – I’m waiting until my name changes to Frankland after my wedding in February for my first book release!

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