5 ways being a reader will help us get through the Coronavirus crisis

I am a writer, but first and foremost I am a reader.

In this peculiar time of uncertainty and stress, I think we readers will be helped by our favourite pastime.  Here’s why:

  1. We can escape from it all! When we read, we construct a world an author has painted for us.  We can visit and join the characters there, spending as much time as we need.  Whether we escape to a fantastical or romantic world or join a story that’s more harrowing than reality right now, we can get away from all this any time we need to.
  2. Reading a book can be immersive and fully absorbing. Hours can pass by, relieving any feelings of boredom or isolation.
  3. We readers sometimes tend towards introspection and enjoy our own company. And that of the characters, of course.  So maybe we will find any isolation at home a bit easier.
  4. In this time of extreme austerity, books are cheap. Some are even free and so easy to access as e-books. We’ve probably got lots on our ‘to read’ pile already.  We don’t need to spend much to keep ourselves busy.
  5. As readers, we have lots of scope to start book discussion groups or become book bloggers on social media. This keeps us in touch with other readers as well as authors. This will help us feel less distanced from the world.

For some free reads, you might want to join my Advance Reader Team on Facebook.  I’m about to circulate my next domestic thriller ‘The Man Behind Closed Doors.’

Stay safe and keep reading,

With best wishes, Maria

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