5 ways being writers will help get us through the Coronavirus crisis

Strange. Peculiar. Eerie. Uncertain.  Just some of the words being used to describe the world right now.

In these times of worry over health, money and isolation, it would be easy to succumb to anxiety.  However, being a writer, I feel, is an advantage as we get through this crisis.  Here are six reasons why:

  1. Having enough space and time is a huge problem for most writers.  The increased hours we will be having at home offer the chance for us to devote more attention to what we love doing.
  2. As writers we can unleash our fears onto the page through poetry or journaling. Writing is almost as good as talking in terms of being therapeutic and is sometimes cathartic.
  3. Writing can provide alternative streams of income. We can publish independently, enter monetised writing competitions, offer our work through a webpage, channel expertise into a paid online course, offer a critiquing service or set up a blog with affiliate links.  As writers, we always have a ‘plan B.’
  4. We writers are better at keeping in touch with others. Many of us text and email more frequently.  We can extend this through blogs and social media.  Writing is our favoured mode of communication which will ensure we feel less isolated.
  5. And lastly, writing provides escapism from it all. We can escape to other worlds and lead the lives of the characters we invent.  We can take ourselves anywhere we want when we are writing.

I am offering a free 12-day mini writing course, starting on 2 April.  If you would like to join in, message me with your e-mail address.  This will also add you to my ‘keep in touch’ list so you will receive a few writing-related‘ freebies.

Stay safe and keep writing.

With best wishes, Maria

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