Finding Writing Time: Ten Ways to Find More Time to Write

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I can hardly believe we’re approaching the end of the first quarter of 2022 already – where does the time go? It doesn’t seem to matter what goals and plans I make, there’s never enough time to achieve them all!  Perhaps it’s the same for you?

Finding Writing Time

So this month, the focus is on ‘finding writing time,’ and I will shortly offer you ten ways to ensure you make that time to get those all-important words on the page. And if you haven’t got a current work in progress, I’ll also include a writing prompt at the end to get you going.

It doesn’t matter what you’re working on, unless you make that regular time, your writing practice will stall and large projects such as a novel in progress will lose momentum.  So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen…

Ten ways to find more writing time

  1. Set your alarm to get up earlier or go to bed later than you normally would. There may be a period of adjustment that you’ll have to get used to, but a quiet house with no distraction is a gift to writers. This is what I had to do when my children were small.


  1. This is a tough one… dare I say it? Decide that an hour of writing is more important to you than an hour of TV. Imagine how many words you can write in an hour!


  1. Use your lunch hour. Yes, maybe another tough call, but it’s amazing how much you can achieve in a short pre-determined time slot. Five hundred words, jotting down ideas, writing a poem.  And if you can replicate this five times a week…


  1. If you commute, use this time to write. I LOVE writing on trains. Or use the time to people watch and eavesdrop.  If you commute by car, use the time to listen to audiobooks, either listen to stories in the genre you prefer to write in, or listen to craft books about writing. ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King is awesome.


  1. This next tip extends the previous one. The best writers read as much as time allows. I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and try and read at least a couple of chapters every night.  Incidentally, all my psychological thrillers are freely available in Kindle Unlimited if you’re a member. But since you’re interested in these tips you’re evidently short of time.  Therefore, multi-task. Always have an audio book on the go.  Listening is reading – you’re just absorbing the story in a different way.  I listen to audio books when I’m walking, ironing, cleaning, etc.  I have free promo codes for my novel if you’re interested in joining Audible.


  1. This next one is for the parents or those with caring responsibilities. Pair up with another writer and swap responsibilities. That way you can give and receive an hour or two around school pick up time, or perhaps give each other a full afternoon, or even an entire day of uninterrupted writing time.


  1. This is my favourite tip of them all and one I desperately try to adhere to myself! Ring fence your writing time as you would do with any other appointment, like a medical appointment or a gym class. Put it in your diary, write in on your calendar and tell your family about it. Then, most importantly, make sure you stick to it!


  1. Write in short bursts throughout the day, it soon adds up. I’ve heard tales of writers getting a paragraph or two into their phones using a notes app whilst in waiting rooms or queues, ready for transfer once back at their computer.  For me, I always make sure I’ve got a notebook for these times.


  1. This next one takes some prior organisation. Book an entire day, or a weekend, or even a week, in advance, to retreat with your writing.  If funds and responsibilities allow, go away for this time – take an organised retreat or book a room in a guest house.  If not, you can turn a corner of your home into a writing retreat, or use your library.  Decide beforehand what you’re going to work on, and get ready to turn on your ‘do not disturb’ notifications.


  1. Find yourself a writing buddy. This should be someone who shares your writing interests, be it form or genre.  It’s also probably better if it’s someone who is at a similar stage in your writing career as you. You can carve out time to write together, which makes you accountable.  This approach takes some discipline to ensure you write rather than chat, and has the added advantage that you can utilise one another to critique extracts of your writing, once you reach that stage.

Let me know in the comments below if one or more of these suggestions are calling to you!  I’ve tried them all. (Apart from an entire week away to write – that would be lovely!) And let me know how you get on.

Next I promised you a writing prompt so here it is:

A world without time.  How would it be?

Respond to this prompt in your own way, whether you’re a poet or a fiction writer.  You might find it useful to plan your writing first, jotting down ideas, phrases and images for inclusion in your writing.

You can write autobiographically, or approach this in a general or fictional way.  It can be set in the past, present or future.

If you’re proud of what you’ve written, feel free to post it into the friendly writer’s group I have set up on Facebook for responses to my prompts.  Search for ‘Writerly Witterings.’

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Happy writing and I’ll see you next month for more Writerly Witterings where I’ll be suggesting 10 ways to get to know your characters.

With best wishes, Maria

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