Live as a Writer

Live as a Writer

To be a writer, you must ‘live as a writer!’

Be part of a writing network

The first aspect of this is to open yourself up to this fact – when you are asked what you do, say, ‘I am a writer/novelist/poet, etc.  Then you can tell them as a ‘secondary’ that you’re also a teacher/chef/electrician, etc.

Tell people what you are working on.  Every time they see you, they will ask about it.  Talking about your work in progress is self-perpetuating.

Subscribe to a regular writing publication and devour all the advice, fellow writer’s journeys, events, competitions, etc.

Attend as many literary events as you’re able to.  You will

-Be inspired by writers who have ‘made it’ and be able to imagine yourself in their place.

-Learn from workshop facilitators – often published writers themselves.

          -Be immersed in a world of other professional writers.

Read, read, read!  This will infiltrate your own work and keep you in that world of words.

Build up your writing CV by attending courses and entering pieces for competitions or anthology inclusion.

Blog regularly.  This could be on the subject of your novel, something else you’re an expert on or the process of writing.

Go to open mic events.  Mingle with like-minded people and get accustomed to reading in public.

Join on-line forums and Facebook groups – build your author platform.

Join a ‘physical’ writing group or recruit a ‘writing buddy.’  You can give and receive support.

And most importantly, keep writing.  As often as you possibly can.  Once it is a regular activity for you, you won’t be able to stop.

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