September – A fresh start with your writing

Welcome to September’s ‘Writerly Witterings,’ the monthly blog I write to support and inspire other writers.

September writing

September, to me, means a fresh start.  Despite our best intentions, writing can sometimes take a bit of a dip over the summer, but the beginning of autumn can often fill us with renewed energy and enthusiasm to get on with it.

So if like me, you’re picking something up that you haven’t touched for a while, or starting a new writing project, here are some tips to fill you with writing fuel:

  • Go shopping! Treat yourself to a hardback writing book with a design you love and a special pen for your writing.
  • Enrol on a writing course, book onto a workshop or look into what writing circles are held in your locality. Groups can be very motivational.
  • Allow yourself time to 'free write' about your current or proposed writing project.  Let your thoughts and ideas just 'run free' onto the page.
  • Reclaim or establish a writing space of your own. Assemble your writing equipment and have around you anything that motivates like a special picture or candle.
  • Find new places to write – a coffee shop, a picturesque park or somewhere by water. Enjoy the last of the milder weather!
  • Take yourself on a writerly outing. Book it in your diary.  Take yourself somewhere that will inspire you; an art gallery, a museum or the seaside.
  • Spend time in libraries and bookshops, paying attention to the covers that are already out there. Where will your work ‘sit’ when it’s completed?
  • Treat yourself to a new novel, or collection of poetry or stories. The best writers read voraciously.

If you pick one or two of the above ideas, I guarantee that by the end of September, you’ll be feeling accomplished and re-enthused.  Then if you continue in the same vein, imagine what you are going to have achieved by the end of the year!

Online Poetry CourseSeptember is definitely one of my favourite months – the start of the new academic year.  It’s the time for buying new stationery and pens and meeting new writers joining my courses.

And not only new writers, but also returning writers who are taking a second, third or even fourth course with me! It’s a privilege getting to know so many talented people, many of who have become friends now.

If you’re Yorkshire-based, I’m offering Short Story, Life Story and Poetry in the classroom this year (click here for more information), and the Novel course is available through distance learning.

Does the start of the new academic year excite and inspire you too?  What will you have achieved by the end of 2019?  It can be useful to be specific about this and give yourself baby-step goals to get to where you want to be.

Post into the comments – I’d love to hear about what you’re working on.  And don’t forget, you can book a fifteen minute telephone chat, if you would like to discuss any aspect of your work in progress.  I’m always happy to help a fellow writer!

Next month’s ‘Writerly Witterings’ will focus on ‘Living as a Writer.’

Have a brilliant and productive month.

With best wishes,


PS  Ali Standen (Life Coach and Novelist,) and myself are excited to be hosting a weekend retreat (9-10 November) at the Yorkshire Hotel, located in the heart of lovely Harrogate.

The theme is ‘Writing as Therapy’ and the price will be £220.* (10% discount if booked before 30/9)  Click here to register your interest and we will send you more information by email.

*This price does not include accommodation.


2 thoughts on “September – A fresh start with your writing”

  1. I couldn’t agree more Maria. As if I had read your mind, I decided that my long time shelved novel should be opened up and looked at with fresh eyes. In doing so, I have abandoned the idea of a long story and am in the throws of reframing it into a collection of short stories. So far, so good. I still have a long way to go, but the bite sized chunks are helping. Best wishes, Lesley

  2. So sad that i stopped listening to my passion for readings, and opted for online pass-time visual curiosities.
    That, of course, caused a disruption in my passion for writing also.
    But writing it will always be in my heart.


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