Hello - It's great to 'meet' you!

Hi, I'm Maria, a Creative Writing Teacher, Novelist, Poet and mother-of-two, based in the lovely market town of Otley in Yorkshire. Over the last few years, life has taken the wonderful turn of my being able to make my living as a writer and teacher of writing.

From a young age, my dream has been to become a published poet and novelist.  I'm delighted that this ambition has finally become a reality. So it is now my aim to help others also achieve this dream in less time than it took me and I have written a free booklet for you: 'The 7 S.E.C.R.E.T.S. to Achieving your Writing Dreams,' which you can get by filling in the contact form.

I am aware that workshops, courses and retreats are not within everyone's reach, for reasons of time, budget or geography, therefore as part of the writing community, I regularly blog on aspects of writing to help other writers as well as offer mini writing courses and writing advice to those on my 'keep in touch' list.

Click the classroom and online courses links here to learn more about what I can support you with.  As well as being a published writer, I am a time-served, qualified teacher with an English degree and a Masters degree in Creative Writing.

I have three domestic thrillers due to be released in 2020 as well as the second edition of 'Don't Call me Mum.'  (www.autonomypress.co.uk)  My poetry collection, Poetry for the Newly Single 40 Something is available through this link.

If anyone was to ask me how it is possible to achieve success as a writer I would say, keep going, keep writing, keep believing in your voice. Polish your work until it shines and never give up. We can all achieve our dreams.

With best wishes,


November 2019

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