Emergence - Book Club Questions

Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. To what extent do you agree with Eva who says, they should bring back the death penalty, regarding someone like Will?

2. Discuss the psychology of how the family of a high-profile criminal might be hounded and vilified when they personally haven’t committed an offence.

3. Do you agree with what Heidi says in the early part of the book? People like him don’t change. 

4. What were the reasons Alysha thought she was justified in helping Will?

5. The book mentions how people might accuse Heidi and Harry to be like Will in some way.  What are your thoughts on the genetics of mental illness and personality disorders?

6. Will’s mother is dead. What role does she still manage to play in Emergence?

7. Do you think a prisoner who has committed crimes of the magnitude Will has, can ever be reformed?

8. How does the loss of childhood manifest in the story?

9. Discuss your thoughts on the huge secret Lauren kept about what Will did to her.

10. To what extent has justice been done in this story?