Frenemy - Book Club Questions

Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. Discuss the phenomena of those who go after relationships with people who are unavailable, as Donna did.

2. Talk about the factors where two siblings who’ve had the same upbringing might turn out so differently, as with Georgia and Bradley. (Ash.)

3. Discuss what made Donna so attractive to men.  What would happen after that? What would she have to do in order to change?

4. Why did Lou put up with Donna’s behaviour?

5. Which characters did your sympathies lie with?  Did these alter over the course of the story?

6. What is best for Charlie in the future? Why?

7. What would justice for Lou look like?  What is the likelihood of it now?

8. Talk about the step family dynamic in the story.  Would Scott have been a decent stepfather if Lou’s hopes for the future had come to pass?

9. What was the influence of Donna on Charlie?

10. Where should ‘the line’ be in a friendship?

11. What aspects of Lou’s life did Donna crave? How were these lacking in her own?

12. What suspects did you have in mind as the story reached part two?  What were your reasons for each one?

13. What is the glue that holds a friendship together?  Think of some examples to illustrate this.

14. Talk about how friendships may differ between genders. Female/female, male/male, male/female.

15. Discuss the ending. How much do you think Helen knows?