Hit and Run - Book Club Questions

Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. What did you think of Fiona’s initial reaction to the news of her husband’s death?

2. What can a person do to educate themselves financially? How could this make any difference to their life?

3. Talk about the supposed non-physical relationship Rob was having with Bryony. Why might they have felt compelled to continue it? How might it have developed if he had lived?

4. Which character did you feel the most sympathy towards in the story?

5. Which character did you feel the least sympathy towards?

6. To what extent did Fiona affect her future by giving her husband financial control?

7. Did Fiona’s relationship with her mother have a bearing on her own relationship with Jack?

8. Discuss how money polarises the characters in this book.

9. Do you believe there was any truth in Maggie’s revelation that she and Rob had a fling?

10. Examine the dynamic between Fiona, her parents, and her grandmother.

11. To what degree did Fiona’s addiction to alcohol limit her quality of life?

12. Mental health is a factor in this novel. Talk about how this plays out amongst the characters.

13. Put yourself in the shoes of Rob’s daughter, Simone. How would the situation appear from her point of view?

14. Talk about Fiona’s friendships, or lack of them.

15. Shane appears in a scene at the end. Talk about his conduct throughout the story and the reasons behind his eventual appearance. Did he deserve to be punished?

16. What could cause a mother to behave in a way to their daughter like Maggie did towards Fiona?

17. How has each character’s life and perspective changed as a result of what they have been through in the story?