Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. How did the prologue set the tone for the rest of the book?

2. What are your initial impressions of Cassie and Jon as a couple? How do their interactions change throughout the story?

3. Discuss Cassie's decision to invite Amy into her home. What were her motivations, and how did this decision impact her life?

4. Amy's past is revealed gradually. Did you sympathise with her character, or did you find it hard to connect with her given her actions?

5. What do you think drove Amy to be so obsessed with Cassie's life and her house?

6. How does the author use the setting of Tolbeck Cottage to build tension and suspense in the story?

7. Teddy is just a child, but he witnesses and experiences a lot of tension and turmoil. How do you think the events in the book will affect Teddy's development and well-being in the long run?

8. Discuss the significance of Becca's character. How does her involvement in the events of the past and present impact the story's outcome?

9. Cassie's background and her experiences of feeling watched and unsafe are crucial to the story. How did her past influence her decisions and reactions to the events in the present?

10. Amy's past is intertwined with a murder that took place at Tolbeck Cottage. Were you surprised by the revelation of her connection to the crime? How did this revelation change your perception of her character?

10. If you were in Cassie's position, how do you think you would have reacted to the situation with Amy and the secrets surrounding Jon?

11. Do you think Amy's time in prison and her encounter with Cassie and Jon will lead her to make positive changes in her life, or do you believe she might continue down a darker path?

12. The book highlights the consequences of secrecy and lies. How do you think the characters will approach honesty and trust in their relationships moving forward?