Last Christmas - Book Club Questions

Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. Sacha left her question unanswered at the end of her final chapter. Discuss.

2. What sentences do Adam, Greg and Rebecca deserve for their behaviour in the novel?

3. Discuss the truth behind whether a patient can hear when in a coma. What effect can talking to them can have?

4. Which character(s) were you most rooting for in this story? Where did your sympathies lie?

5. Discuss the situation from the point of view of Stuart and Wendy. Should they have been more ‘selfish’ in Stuart’s final months?

6. How does the predicament of longing for a baby feed into the behaviour in this story?

7. Imagine the conversation that might have taken place in the aftermath of the pregnancy revelation between Sacha and her father-in-law, Joe. What might he have said to her?

8. What events could have changed Neil ever being on the clifftop in the first place?

9. What, do you suppose, might have been the attraction towards Sacha from her brothers-in-law?

10. To what extent did Neil fit the stereotype of someone at risk of committing suicide? How could he have been helped?

11. Consider what Adam and Christy’s future might look like.