Last Orders - Book Club Questions

Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. What does the term empty nest syndrome mean? Discuss the possible emotions it might involve.

2. Look at the reasons for the affair having started between Debra and Jay. What were their motivations, and where did each of them see it going?

3. In a house fire or similar disaster, which five items would you choose to save?

4. Talk about the current likelihood of achieving a twenty-five year marriage. What can help and hinder a marriage lasting this long?

5. Which character did you sympathise with the most? Talk about your reasons.

6. What are the differing effects of marital break up on a couple’s children, whether young, teenage or grown up?

7. Are there any circumstances in which you would divulge your secrets to a stranger? Talk about the pros and cons of doing this.

8. What was Debra’s motivation for doing what she did?

9. Do you see the old year turning into the new as an end or a beginning? Talk about what this time of year can bring to the surface?

10. Talk about Tina’s role in the story.

11. To what extent was justice done, or not done, in this story? What are your feelings about this?

12. What might come next for each character?