Left Hanging - Book Club Questions

Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. ‘Living a lie’ is a common theme in this book. Discuss.

2. To what extent have the characters received their comeuppance?

3. Explore the reasons Ed married, though confused about his sexuality.

4. In the early chapters, to what lengths would Kerry go to, to fit in?

5. Discuss how homophobia manifests itself in this story. How have attitudes to homosexuality changed over the years.

6. What was Russell’s ‘hold’ over Ed?

7. Talk about the short and long-term effects adult behaviour has on the children.

8. To what extent can ‘BF’s’ background offer any explanation for the person he became?

9. What might become of each character next?

10. Do you think Kerry deserved a custodial sentence?

11. Have any of the characters changed for ‘the better’ over the course of the story?

12. Discuss Marie’s ‘taste’ in men.

13. Can a marriage be revived once it is dead?

14. Discuss how Davina’s situation might have led her into the course of action she took.

15. To what extent does mental health play a part in this novel?