Lockdown - Book Club Questions

Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. Cases of domestic abuse surged during lockdown. What do you think were the biggest reasons for this?

2. Though Melissa feared Justin, she feared the virus more. Explore what her state of mind must have been like in coming to this conclusion.

3. Was the children’s father Rick justified in how he dealt with the situation? How could he have handled it better?

4. How did Melissa's character evolve throughout the story? What strengths or weaknesses did you observe in her?

5. In what ways did the lockdown intensify the challenges Melissa faced in her abusive marriage?

6. How was the backdrop of a national lockdown used to heighten the tension in the story? In what ways did the external pandemic mirror or contrast with Melissa's internal struggles?

7. Discuss the theme of coercive control and manipulation in Melissa's relationship with Justin. How did the lockdown exacerbate these dynamics, and were there moments when you felt Melissa could break free?

8. Explore the role of Melissa's neighbours and friends in the story. How did their attempts to reach out impact the narrative?

9. How did Melissa's fight for freedom reflect the depths of human resilience? Were there moments that particularly stood out to you in showcasing her determination to survive?

10. How did the book make you feel? Were there scenes that particularly resonated with you?

11. Discuss your thoughts on the resolution of the story. Were you satisfied with how the book concluded, and did it leave you with lingering questions?