Nemesis - Book Club Questions

Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. Charlie’s father has been unreliable and mostly distant right throughout her life.  Discuss what compels a child to chase an absent parent, even when they face rejection.

2. Discuss both the positive and negative effects Donna could have on Charlie, if their relationship is left unchecked.

3. What is the likelihood of both Jenna and Charlie being able to comfortably live in their respective homes?

4. Stephen has been a character on the outskirts of everything until later in the book. Talk about the role he plays in the story.

5. Discuss the reasons why Scott might have turned up for Donna’s appeal hearing.  What might have been going through his mind?

6. Donna flirts with everyone.  From taxi drivers, to married men, even with Stephen who’s had a relationship with Liz, and Joel, who’s Charlie’s teenage boyfriend.  Why does she behave like this?

7. Talk about Charlie’s relationship with her grandmother.  Why does she keep things from her, like the fact that she has a boyfriend?

8. Do you believe justice has been done?

9. Discuss the title Nemesis and how it could be attributed to some of the characters.

10. Did Liz have any redeeming qualities?  What made her who she was?