The Bridal Party - Book Club Questions

Warning! These questions contain spoilers!

1. Discuss possible motivations towards Caitlyn, for each character. Who was the most likely to want her dead? Who was the least likely?

2. Has the eventual outcome changed your opinion of Caitlyn in any way?

3. To what extent has justice been done?

4. How could events have taken a different course?

5. Do you think it’s possible to die of a broken heart?

6. Choose a character and discuss their flaws, motivations and redeeming qualities.

7. What do you think will become of each of the characters as they move on from this?

8. What are your views on ‘right to die?’

9. To what extent is blood thicker than water in this book?

10. How could the story have played out differently if Caitlyn hadn’t been terminally ill?

11. Discuss the jealousy that existed amongst the women in the hen party.

12. How has each character changed from the start to the end of the book? What lesson might each character have learned?