The Fall Out - Book Club Questions

Warning!  These questions contain spoilers!

1. Discuss the psychology around what makes a bully a bully.

2. What was life like for Helen as a child? What effect did this have on her into adulthood?

3. Could Jenna have done anything differently to help her sister?

4. In your opinion, could Helen have initially felt justified for helping Liz in what became of Darren, after how he’d made her feel over the years?

5. Discuss Helen’s feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. What could she have done to change things?

6. Have you noticed any glimmers of a conscience emerging from Liz about the lives she ruined and ended? If so, has she sustained them?

7. If she’s not stopped, who might be next on Liz’s hit list?

8. Could a friendship built on foundations like Helen’s and Liz’s ever be successful?

9. How could Helen’s relationship with her parents be impacting how she lives as an adult?

10. Talk about how the story could have gone in an alternate direction had Helen jumped when given the choice, rather than fighting against Liz and being pushed.

11. Thinking back to the characters from book one, give three possibilities about what could happen in book three.

12. Did you think the relationship between Liz and Stephen softened her in any way?