"I have loved the opportunity to take part in this creative writing course.  Maria is a fantastic teacher who knows how to bring the best out in a writer.  This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done."  Yvonne, Knaresborough

“Due to my busy life, I’m taking the distance learning course, and it easily fits into my schedule. It’s always been my dream to write my life story.  This course really points you in the right direction.”  K McHale, Otley, Leeds

"The course is well-paced to fit in with the demands of my working life and other commitments.  I’m so glad I found it!" Maggie, Leeds

Write your Life Story

Are people always saying 'you should write a book?'

Turn your Writing Dream into Reality

Be inspired, supported and motivated to write your autobiography or memoir

with Author and Poet, Maria Frankland, (Author of six psychological thrillers, a memoir and two poetry collections.)

Hi there! I'm Maria and if you click the video above, I can say a proper hello to you. I'm excited that you're interested in Write your Life Story in a Year, and I'm guessing that this is an ambition you've been harbouring for some time.

This course does exactly what it says on the tin, (in the words of previous writers I've worked with,) and it will support you from the first to the last word of your life story, whilst nurturing your talent as a writer.

I am extremely proud of all the writers who have taken Write your Life Story in a Year and have either achieved, or are well on their way to publication.

As you scroll on, there's lots of information about how this course can support the writing of YOUR life story but if you still have questions, drop me a line.

Remember, no one can write your life story but YOU and the time to do it is....

Here's a very broad overview of the course - for the complete overview, hit the button below.  This will also give fee and instalment details.

For a limited time I'm giving away the free gift pictured below to all writers who sign up to the course.

(UK only, due to postage costs!)

Part One (10 sessions)

Planning and Getting Started:

Gathering material, plan, opening, focus, development of skills such as character, setting and dialogue.

Part Two (10 sessions)

Keeping it Going:

Honing skills such as pace, tension, 'show, don't tell,' audience and structure, whilst working on your first draft.

Part Three (six sessions)

The Professional Writer:

Editing, presentation, outlets for publication, networking, promotion.

You will write an average of a page a day with a view to completing your draft within one year.

Two Course Plans are Available (with an instalment option:)

Option One: One Year Course - £30 per month for 12 months or one payment of £295.

Option Two: One Year Course + Personalised Support (4 critiques and 4 one-to-one consultations) £50 per month for 12 months or one payment of £495.

If you have any questions, drop me a line.  Hearing from other writers always makes my day! Or if you just want to get started, hit the button below.


Prepare to feel proud of yourself – the course structure will ensure completion of the first draft of your life story in a year, whether you want to write your autobiography, (your entire life so far,) or a memoir, (a slice or aspect of your life.)

Editing and submission advice will ensure you’re ready to market directly to your readers or to go down the traditional route and submit to publishers.

My Risk-Free Promise

You will love this course and it will help you achieve your dream of writing your life story.

I am so confident of this that I promise a full refund within the first 30 days, should you decide it’s not for you. (This is subject to a small administration charge - see t&c's)

Payments are directed through PayPal for your complete peace of mind.  (If you don't have a PayPal account, we can set up a direct arrangement.)

Imagine …

The enjoyment as your story grows.

The pride when you hold your book.

The joy of signing copies for all the people who've said 'you should write a book.'

The thrill of earning an income from your creative passion.

Did you know...

According to a recent study of writers,  97 out of 100 stories are languishing in drawers and on hard drives. Write your Life Story in a Year will ensure that your story is NOT one of them!

Into this course, I have distilled all my knowledge and expertise from my Masters in Creative Writing and my own experience of being a published writer.

I recall the joy at the time of my own first memoir (pictured below) being published and want to help you experience this too!

(Autonomy Press)

There are Two Ways to approach Writing Your Autobiography …

(1) The More Challenging Way

Using your own motivation and discipline to stay on task.

Finding advice and inspiration in books and on-line.

Asking friends/family to provide a second opinion on work.

Finding other writers with whom to share experiences.

Finding your own way through the many aspects that culminate in a compelling autobiography.

It is possible to succeed this way but why not give yourself the best chance of success and opt for...

(2) The Easier Way (which is what this course will provide)

Never facing the ‘blank page’ – as you will be inspired and taught new techniques throughout the course.

Knowing that motivational advice is all in one place, every week.

The option of a professional critique.

A forum of others all working through the same course and using a similar approach to achieve their written life story.

The Best Investment you can Make in Your Writing Dream

If you have any questions, drop me a line

Commonly Asked Questions

Will I really write a book within one year?

Yes!  If you follow my prescribed method of writing 1-2 pages every day.  One side of handwritten A4 is 250 words.

Won’t I need a lot of discipline to get going?

Not discipline, more desire.  Once you start, you won’t be able to bear to stop.  The story will all come back to you and you'll be burning to keep going with it.

How will it fit into my lifestyle?

I send your life story course in 26 sessions to your in-box every fortnight.  You decide when you complete the exercises.  And you arrange your ‘page a day’ habit at a time when it will fit in with your other commitments.

Isn’t it isolating trying to work on my own?

Writing is a solitary activity so later in the course, I provide information about networking as a writer, both online and socially.

Also, as a course participant, you will gain access to the Facebook forum with other participants of the ‘Write a Life Story Course,’ where you can swap and share ideas, thoughts, news and gain feedback on each other’s work.  I also dip into this group and can be contacted through it, or by email.

What if I change my mind?

The course comes with a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee  (see t&c's for more info)

What does it cost?

There are currently two options.

Option One: One Year Course - £30 per month for 12 months or one payment of £295.

Option Two: One Year Course + Personalised Support (4 critiques and 4 one-to-one consultations) £50 per month for 12 months or one payment of £495. (Limited availability.)

How will I know what to do with my book once I have written it?

In the latter stages of the course, guidance is given around getting your manuscript ready for publication, along with details of getting an agent and/or publisher.  Guidance is also given around other outlets for getting a novel published such as independent-publishing and competitions.

How will I know if what I am writing is any good?

All writers have this doubt!  I even saw a tweet from JK Rowling expressing this.  As you progress through the course and your writing skills improve, your autobiography will strengthen.  Writing is a craft and the course will equip you to improve and be able to self-assess and edit till your manuscript is as polished as can be. As writers, we only ever get better!

You can also opt into the chance to receive four critiques of your work in progress and four one-to-one consultations with me. Additionally the Facebook group may put you in touch with another writer with whom you can 'peer assess' with.

This could be the best decision you ever make as a writer.

If you have any questions, drop me a line .

You may want to ask questions what you're about to embark or ask about elements of the course that haven't been covered on this webpage.

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