Independent Publishing Weekend

Do you have a Completed Book?

Cut Out the 'Gatekeepers.'  Get your Work in Front of Your Readers

time to write

When?  tbc (owing to current restrictions)

Where?  tbc

Cost? tbc

What?  Ten Tutored Workshops as follows:

Writing as Therapy

This writing retreat will demystify the process of publishing your book through Amazon and getting it directly in front of an army of readers.  Many writers are now choosing the freedom of publishing their own work and making all their own decisions.  Through Kindle Direct Publishing, a royalty of 70% can be achieved.

Formatting your Book - ensuring your manuscript is print-ready

Opening a KDP account - step by step

Creation of your Amazon platform - setting up your author and book pages on Amazon

Creation of your book cover - synthesising image, font, colour and blurb for an eye-catching cover

Your Book as an e-book - making your book available for sale on Kindle

Your book as a paperback - making your book available for print on demand

The Legalities - setting up tax and selling in other countries

Using Amazon advertisements - The way to maximise your book sales

Other Ways of Getting your book in front of readers - audio, website, social media, Facebook ads

Q&A Session group session to air issues and ask individual questions

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I will critique your writing

The cost includes:

All Meals and Refreshments

Ten workshops (5 each day)

Access to a Facebook support group for 30 days after the event

short story writing course

Life Writing Retreat

Creative Writing and Life Coaching Weekend

Take a Weekend 'out' to consider your past, present and future through your writing

Enjoy the empowering and cathartic experience of writing from your life with Maria Frankland, (Author, Poet, Creative Writing Teacher,) and Ali Standen (Life Coach and Novelist.)

Join us over two days (non-residential) to develop your writing skills and gain greater clarity and insight of yourself and your life. 

We will help you capture your unique stories and memories through your writing.  

You will be supported to identify and set personal and writing goals for the future.

Writing as Therapy

To be held in Harrogate, the beautiful heart of Yorkshire

When?  tbc

Where?  Yorkshire Hotel, Prospect Place, Harrogate, HG1 1LA

Cost?  £220 (inclusive of meals, refreshments, activities and workshops)

What?  Tutored Workshops, and more, as follows:


Life Coaching  Techniques to help move you towards achieving your goals and dreams.

Rainy Day Letter to Self  A letter from your happy, positive self to read back on a not-so-good day.

Your Unique Story What stories have you got to share and who would you want to share them with? 

Mindfulness  Mindfully responding to your environment and being in the here and now through your writing.

Where are you now?  Using a detached 3rd person viewpoint to consider your life as it currently is.

Leaving the Past Behind  Using the past tense to consign a past event to where it belongs.

Goal Mapping  Creating a visual plan of where you want to be.

Diary from your Decades  Revising a photograph from each of your 'decades' to create a diarised account.

Q&A Session

Questions?  drop us a line today!

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