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Welcome to the first ‘Readerly Ramblings’ post of 2021! I hope the new year has got off to the best possible start for you, despite all that we are continuing to cope with.  We have got books – we can escape, and for that, I count my blessings – both as a reader and as a writer.

As always, I have recorded this post as a video, should you prefer to watch and listen.  Click below:

This month’s post will focus on looking ahead – something I feel is really important right now.  Whilst we’re living through Covid and lockdown, visualising life beyond it certainly keeps me going!  I can't wait to write in coffee shops and libraries again, particularly the residential library I enjoy staying at in Wales – I get so much done when I’m there.

I am looking forward to being able to people watch and eavesdrop again (!) in order to gain inspiration for new characters, and to visit old and new places as a starting point for my settings.

What are you eagerly anticipating the most when lockdown is lifted and life returns to some sort of normal?

Covid aside, I have an exciting 2021 ahead with my book releases...

The Yorkshire Dipper is due for release on 3rd February.  I will, as always, launch it live on my YouTube channel on Wednesday 3rd February at 7.30 pm.  At the launch, I will give details of how you can enter the draw to get your hands on the (exclusive!) Yorkshire goody bag, pictured below. Also, I am excited to have just signed a contract with a great narrator so The Yorkshire Dipper will soon be joining my other books on Audible.

Then, hot on its heels is Hit and Run, due for release in May.  My talented cover designer, Darran Holmes, has just finished the cover for me – I’d love to hear what you think. It will shortly be landing with my wonderful Advance Reader Team for their esteemed opinions!

Next, in August, I plan to release The Hen Party, which is currently with my first reader, (aka my husband, Michael!) Lastly, I am working on ‘Last Christmas,’ the psychological thriller due for release in November.

I have plenty to keep me busy and characters to keep me company whilst stuck at home! I managed to use 2020 as constructively as possible and feel lucky to have so much extra time at home to get ahead with my writing and book launch schedule.

As always, I will have special offers and giveaways throughout the year and you can be the first to hear about them by joining my ‘keep in touch’ list.  On joining you will receive a copy of the FREE novella pictured below which is hot off the press.

Speaking of special offers, I currently have two e-books, The Last Cuckoo and Don’t Call me Mum that are 0.99 (or free in Kindle Unlimited) They are on offer in the UK and US from 17-23 January.

I have been keeping my cover designer busy and I hope you will agree that the new cover for The Last Cuckoo is more in keeping with the genre of psychological thriller than the previous one was.

My poetry has taken a bit of a back seat over the last year. I released ‘Poetry for the Newly Married 40 Something,’ at the beginning of 2020 and then… nothing.  I am planning to do something about that in 2021 and write more poetry.

I am also planning to do as much reading as possible. I probably average about three books a month, so I am going to increase that to four.

Reading, as I tell all the writers I work with as a creative writing teacher, is one of the greatest things a writer can do to improve their own craft, so keep those book recommendations coming! The comments box is available below for you to post, and I would love to hear how many books you get through in a month.

I am very much looking forward to keeping in touch with you throughout 2021 and talking about all things readerly. And of course, I am also looking forward to entertaining you with my novels.

Keep safe and keep reading

With very best wishes

Maria Frankland

3 thoughts on “Looking Ahead”

  1. Hi Maria,
    Really enjoy your style of writing and connecting with your followers (fans) .
    Looking forward to getting out and about again our first choice will be a few days staying at my nephews second home way up there in Alma Terrace Fulford so it’s nice to be able to relate to some of the places you mention, though we’ve not been in Fulford Police Station 😂.
    Wishing all the best for 2021.
    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks for that great feedback Linda. And I’m very pleased to hear you’re not a frequent visitor to the police station – I know exactly where Alma Terrace is! I’m from York originally – it’s a lovely city. I’m 30 miles away now but my family still live there. Thanks for your support and all the best to you too. x

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