Online Creative Writing Courses

My courses use the processes I use in my book production - they work for me. They can work for you too!

short story writing course

I will help you reach your writing dream, without you stalling part way through by offering a 26-session programme that incrementally develops your craft whilst I support you to write your book.

Perhaps like me, your kids are all grown up and it's now time to do something you've always wanted to do - YOUR time!

My ethos is to motivate, support and inspire other writers and my mission is to help all writers achieve their definition of success to the highest level.

I have a teaching degree with a subject specialism in English and a Master's degree in Creative Writing.  Into my courses I have distilled EVERYTHING I know!

The following (year-long) online creative writing courses are derived from the classroom and adapted to be taken at a distance.  This offers more freedom and flexibility.

All include video, course materials and writing exercises to develop your writing talent, and offer a structured programme towards completion of your book and access to an online peer group.

Click on each course title below for more information:

How to Write a Novel

Do you want to write a novel, but feel unsure of where to start?

Write a Collection of Poetry

Write a poem every week. Let your verse begin to speak.

Write a Collection of Short Stories

Break out of your writing comfort zone.

Write your Life Story

Are people always saying you should write a book?