Character Invention: Ten Ways to Get to Know your Characters

Welcome to my blog - I hope that you’re feeling full of renewed spring writing energy.  In Writerly Witterings this month, I’m giving you ten ways to get to know your characters, and there's an associated writing task at the end.

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Ten Ways To Get to Know Your Character

Apply points 1-9 below, firstly to a ‘main’ character, then go back through them, doing the same with a ‘secondary’ character. The more at odds the two characters are with each other, the more potential there will be for an exciting plot to materialise.

Not all the details you invent here will be relevant but the better you know your characters, the better you can bring them to the page. Don’t overthink this process, rather, act on the first thoughts you get.

  1. Who are they? Name, age, occupation, any other basic details.
  2. What do they look like? You could even work from a photograph or picture on the internet to answer this.
  3. Where have they come from? What’s their backstory?  What about family details?
  4. Go a bit deeper. Jot down notes about their talents, fears, sense of humour, habits and dreams. What matters to them?
  5. What do they want the most?
  6. What is getting in the way of this?
  7. How do other people see them? What do other people say about them?
  8. How could who they are now change?
  9. Write a monologue in their voice in fifty words. For example.  My name’s Donna, and the life I want belongs to someone else, etc…
  10. Write a dialogue between your first character and the second character. Here's a link to a video I've recorded about dialogue.

Your task is the last one, the dialogue prompt.  Just through getting to know your characters, a situation between them should have begun to emerge.

Write a piece of ‘flash fiction,’ that is a moment in time between them, in no more than 500 words. Ensure it has a gripping opening line and that what’s being said between the characters is a conversation we would want to eavesdrop on!

how to write dialogue

Let me know in the comments which of these tips you’re going to try, or whether you use any of them already.  I love to hear from other writers and always reply to every comment I receive.

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